March 25, 2013

Mass Bulletin: March 24, 2013

From Msgr. Waldo's commentary in the bulletin:

"Never dismiss or ignore the SIGNS...SIGNS are always very important and instructive.  The SIGNS coming out of Rome with election and acceptance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis have been subtle and instructive: A plain white house cassock, his own pectoral cross, speaking to the cardinal electors as brothers, plain vestments, arrangement of altar appointments, black shoes and black pants under the cassock as we wear in the Americas and not the Roman-Italian custom of short pants and long socks.  Gone is the velvet and fur, fluff and comes plain and simple; what I call “boy clothes” and engaging the people of his flock as a pastor does.  For the first time since the schism of 1054 with the Orthodox Catholic Church, the Patriarch of Constantinople-Istanbul will attend the inauguration liturgy of Pope Francis as will the Chief Rabbi of Rome, SIGNS.  Absolutely stunning.  The Eastern Orthodox Church has read some of the signs coming out of Rome under Benedict 16th and now under Pope Francis: the change in language of our creedal statement which we still struggle with in English… "consubstantial” and Francis’ work on the Commission for the Oriental Churches and now they choose to walk closer with us.  HOPE is the SIGN and it bears fruit.  Now please God, give Pope Francis the health and stamina he will need to put our Church back on track in governance, walking the talk, and living the mission."

I couldn't agree more. Msgr. Waldo spends a lot of time talking about the signs of these times - those that make us hopeful, and those that are worrisome. He leads us, his congregation, through these ups and downs with his own humility. It is beautiful to see this transformation taking place in Rome. And, it is exciting that the rest of the Church has also taken notice.

More than ever, I believe unity is possible. I believe God is working to bring us back together.

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