November 10, 2012

Nighttime Memories

Sometimes, I want to record the moments that drive me completely insane. It isn't because I want to complain. It's because I so desperately want to make sure I remember them.

Someday, I will long for the chance to spend one more minute putting my babies to sleep. I will desperately try to remember Chloe's sweet little voice calling out "Mommy, hold my hand. Sing, 'rock-bye baby, in treetop, wind blows, the cradle-adle'" and the thousands of times I have sung that lullaby song to her while I held her hand as she finally gives in.

I will laugh when I think about how she would slump herself over the crib railing and tell me she's going to sleep like that.

And, someday, I will smile when I remember Logan pulling himself into my lap and laying his head on my chest when he has had enough playtime and wants to sleep.

I will be sad when I think about all of his tummy problems and all of the sleepless nights we have had this first year.

And, someday, I will cry for all of the lost time. I will wish that I could have taken a little more joy in these moments now, instead of just trying to get through them.

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