November 10, 2012

Mouse: Pest, vermin, gross

On Election Day, I discovered that there was a mouse in our house. I also found out that Hubby knew about said mouse, but didn't do anything OR bother to tell me either. So, instead of receiving a gracious warning, I stumbled across the pest running across our kitchen floor just after my nephew arrived for a morning play date.

I dutifully put the kids upstairs and grabbed the broom to hunt this tiny enemy. But, he had already outwitted me by climbing up between the dishwasher and the sink cabinet and disappearing into his hole.

I wasn't able to get any mouse traps until the next morning. But it didn't really matter anyway because the stupid thing avoided all of them. I bought 4 different kinds, called an exterminator, and the pests were still running around our house.

Here we are, almost a full two weeks later, and they are still in the house as far as I know. We did catch two late last week, an adult and a baby. So I'm thinking there are probably more babies somewhere in the house.

The mess I have to clean up is enormous. I have found mouse droppings in almost every room of our house - including the kids toy room and they're dresser, which is upstairs. I'm just throwing away the clothes that seem to be more stained than I remember, and will probably throw away the clothes with holes in them. I haven't even started working in their toys yet.

I won't start cleaning and disinfecting the house until I know they're gone though because I'm not about to get everything clean only to have to do it again.

Ugh. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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