January 11, 2010

Oh, and the HOUSE!

So, I figure I should probably also post the before pictures of our house renovation, so when I do finally get around to posting pictures of finished rooms, and the whole entire process, it might be a little more meaningful. At least, it will remind me why all the bruises, bumps, nicks and expletives were considered necessary at the time.

This was our master bedroom when we first took a long, hard look at it.

(Note: This blue/green/teal color will show up repeatedly throughout the entire house. I think it was their favorite and they used it everywhere. Only, they shouldn't have. They really, REALLY shouldn't have.)

These are the big windows, facing East. It's really pretty in the morning/early afternoon time, when the sun is shining so brightly through them! I LOVE IT!

Here is the up-close and personal look at the bottom half of the master bedroom's wallpaper and the awful puke green color of the carpet.

It was NASTY. And SO difficult to get off!


And, here's a picture of the master bathroom. Kind of tiny. It definitely needs some tile in there. That carpet just isn't working for me. Not to mention the fact that it like, changed colors!

I like the countertops though. I think they'll be pretty with the right accents. :)

Oh, there's so much more to show. But, I want to wait til we have the flooring in to take more pictures of what will eventually be our room. See, even though I can see the changes, it's hard to value them as much via computer. SO. I'll post more later!

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