January 18, 2010

And, the kitchen!

The whole progress on the entire house has been slow (painfully slow, actually). We really won't see any MAJOR improvements until we put the flooring down -- which won't be til the end of January. Little by little, we'll end up tearing everything apart, and then slowly put it all back together.

So, here's what's been done on the kitchen so far!

Those upper shelves are no longer there (Thank God!). It really closed off the kitchen from the other spaces in the house.

Now, when you're standing at the sink or the oven or the stove, you can see into the dining room or the living room.


I also have taken off most of the kitchen cabinet doors. I feel like it nicely breaks up the sea of teal/sea foam green mess that is our kitchen at the moment. AND. I've started sanding down the front of the lower cabinet here. It's going to take a while.....

See, you can just barely see all the sanding work I've been doing. That's going to take a really long time. I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth it or not...
BUT! The shelves are GONE! Horray!!!

Yup. Most of those doors are gone now too. This is the picture of our stovetop.

And, I think it more accurately documents the cabinet color and the countertop color.


I can't wait to replace the countertops and the flooring in here!

At least, we now have a very nice refrigerator next to the stovetop. It looks pretty :)

Here's what it looks like above the stove.

I think that used to be a cookie sheet holder. Too bad it's mini sized now and my monster cookie sheets won't fit!

I've also taken the liberty of tearing off the baby blue wallpaper to the left of the stove... You can't really see it in this picture. But, it really is awful.

And, here's the cups cabinet, which is closest to the door.

See... It just looks better without all the cabinet doors. I've decided.

We'll put them back on when they're all done, of course. But, for right now. I'm happy with this.

Not the messy countertop though... Yuck!

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