January 11, 2010

THD and RILEY!!!

Isn't it funny that I feel like I could write a 500 page novel, but whenever I sit down to this screen, my mind goes completely blank? Oh, the stories I will one day tell!

On a completely different, and totally random note: I bought the paint for the master bathroom today! I'm hoping that I'll be able to have it painted by the end of the week. This weekend is going to be a busy one, for sure.

Michael and I have to go to The Home Depot to talk to the nice people at the "Pro" desk, and try to convince them that we're completely gutting a 3400 sq./ft. house, and it'd be really great if they could give us a massive discount on things like: flooring (wood/tile/laminate/carpet/etc...) , baseboards, molding, kitchen cabinets, paint, paint brushes/rollers/etc., wall paper remover, nail guns, dry wall, mud, sanding equipment (belts and the like).... and my list could (and will) continue to grow. Really. We're going to do most of the work ourselves, we just need the supplies. Preferably on the cheap, too.

THEN!!!!! I have to go out and buy stuff for our NEW PUPPY!!!

I think we're going to name him Riley. And, by I think, I mean, we're going to name him Riley. Michael just doesn't know about it yet!

Isn't he just adorable?!

I think I love him already. I can't wait to bring him home. So... needless to say, I will be bargain shopping for a cage, bed, toys, dog food, and all the other countless things we'll need to puppy-proof our home and make it a good and safe one for him.

Can you tell that I'm TOTALLY EXCITED?! Just look at that face....

Don't tell me that face doesn't just rip your heartstrings out...

Somehow, I think I'll be able to make it through the next few months. Somehow. :)

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