November 25, 2013

Afraid of the Dark

Chloe has become increasingly scared of the dark lately. She has had a night light in her room for months. At first it helped. But, now not so much.

The other night, a little while after I put her to bed, she started knocking on her door. She told me that there were monsters in her closet, under the bed, outside the windows and on the ceiling fan. (Quite the list, huh?)

I asked her if she would feel better if I brought a crucifix into her room so Jesus could watch over her. She said it would. (Note to self: good Christmas gift for both her and Logan!)  So,  I grabbed the one from my room and put it on her shelf next to her St. Ann icon. I told her that Jesus and St. Ann were going to watch over her all night long. 

So, tonight rolls around and she's up multiple times again. The last time I went in, I reminded her that Jesus and St. Ann were still there with her. She looked at me  and said, "but I want Mary!" The only thing I could give her was a prayer card to Our Lady of Fatima. She looked at it, held it close to her heart, and fell asleep.

My heart was singing! Those little glimpses that our hard work really is paying off, or at the very least, being received, means the entire world to the hubby and me. 

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