October 19, 2013

Our Days, Lately

Oh man... Things have been amazing, and crazy. (I feel like I start all of my posts with something like this. But it's been so true lately!)

I realized the other day that we've been back in Indiana for four and a half months. I can't believe it. On the one hand, it doesn't feel like it's been that long. But on the other hand, it seems like an eternity. 

Evie is a little over a month old now. How did THAT happen?! And is weighing in at 10lbs 6ozs. She has been great. I'm almost scared to say that she has been an easy baby so far (don't want to jinx that!!). But I wonder if she really is an easy baby, or if my expectations have dropped so low she just seems easier in comparison to the other two babes. Haha! Either way, I'll take it. 

We're getting settled into the new house beautifully. It took one and a half 26ft Uhauls to get all of our stuff here (crazy!). I've emptied out about 90% of the boxes and found new homes for almost everything. Almost.

My Mama's house is set to sell on November 22. She also has filled one and a half 26ft Uhaul's so far, plus a car trailer. She still has at least one more major trip to go before her and Sam move up in December. 

Speaking of that, I think Sam officially wins the competition for "Most Interesting Senior Year Ever." He and my mom are my only immediate family members left in Amarillo. So, they've been the ones getting things ready for showings, painting, and cleaning. Oh... the cleaning... Mom said she has spent more time at Home Depot in the last 2 months than she ever has in her entire life. They know her by name ;)

But, in all seriousness, they have had quite an adventurous couple of months. Sam's had to repaint a lot of different things because they couldn't do a color match. He's ruined one hat by dropping it into a can of paint. How did that happen?! Who knows.

Mom spent a few weeks trying to clean the floor in the den from all the animal smells. BTW! Do not use vinegar on tile. It soaks into the grout and then smells FOR. EV. ER. Long story short, she ended up using marshmallow scented oil to get rid of the vinegar/Pinesol smell. I'm sure that was much more appetizing than the vinegar.

Mom came up with a Uhaul this past weekend. When she originally asked Sam if he wanted to come, he said no. Actually, she told him that if he was going to come, she was probably going to ask his teachers for extra homework for the day(s) he would miss. To which he replied: "Why would you do that?! You're going senile!" Apparently, he tells her she's going senile quite frequently these days, ha! 

So, Sam stayed home to take care of the pets and go to school. Which was a little wacky and crazy. Monday, Mom needed him to go to the bank. (He had to ask where the bank was... And he had to walk there.) So, he was late to AHS. He's also enrolled in an evening English class so he can graduate this December. Wanna guess how he got to his afternoon school? If you said taxi you would be correct! Mama and Jack the Taxi Man were on a first name basis haha.

And, now. *drumroll please* 

The biggest, most important reason Sam wins the contest? Him and Mama will be living in a hotel for the last 3 weeks of school. 

Little thing called Murphy's Law, friends. After Mama got the offer on her house, she asked me if she and Sam could live in our house til he finished high school. Sure thing, Mom! No problem at all. 

Except... Then we got an OFFER!! 

(Can you hear me screaming for joy over here?!)

And they want to close December 2. Pray with us that it all goes through, please?! I cannot tell you how excited I would be to FINALLY have this go through!

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