April 26, 2013

The House Renovation: Master Suite

Here are the before and after pictures of our Master Suite. Starting with....
Carpet... Eww...

Love Hubby's beer bottle sitting there.

This type of light fixture was in every bathroom. And, they almost started a fire. The decorative part around each bulb was actually made of plastic. So, almost all of them were melted in different spots.
Of course, this picture doesn't tell the whole story of how this shower came to be...Let's just say, it was broken two years ago. And, hubby was able to rip it apart, down to the studs, and rebuild it in just five days. Bursting hot water lines and all!

Cool decorative tile.
Finished! I love that shower curtain.
And... now for the Master Bedroom. Oh, this was a piece of work. And, it was the first thing we decided to tackle when we moved in. 

Yes. That is teal wallpaper, with lime green carpet.

Close up!

The grand view.


We replaced that nasty carpet with bamboo wood floors, which I love. And, I love the color of the baseboards.

And, I guess I didn't get a before picture of the nursery/closet room. It really just wasn't interesting. It was just white, except for the orange multi-colored carpet. Apparently, the lady before us had used it as a painting room.

We have used it as a nursery room/little play room. I remember painting those stripes on the wall when I was 5 months pregnant with Chloe. Crazy pregnancy hormones.
And, that's it for the Master Suite! 

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