April 26, 2013

The House Renovation: Main Floor Bedrooms

Here are the downstairs bedrooms. Although the back bedroom really wasn't that bad. The front bedroom was...an entirely different story. It still baffles me that people could have lived with the ugliness. And, it completely befuddles me that we saw ANYTHING of value in the house when we first started. HA!

This was, by far, one of the most poorly decorated rooms in the house when we first moved in. Gold and teal striped wallpaper, bright teal painted walls and trim, and disgusting golden window treatments. It was a mess. This was actually the second to last room that we redid, as it was our staging room for about 3 full years.

There virtually wasn't any closet in this room before. So, around Christmastime, we hired a contractor to come in and build a wall, to create a closet. The room was big enough it did not hurt the size of it at all. *shivers* this room still grosses me out.

Because we didn't really need it for a bedroom, we have been using it as a toy room instead. But, either way, you can see that we replaced the carpet, tore the wallpaper down, painted everything a silver/lavender color and all of the trim is now white.

It is a bright, inviting and open space now. And, the kiddos absolutely love their toy room!

This room actually wouldn't have been terrible, but the wallpaper was in horrible condition. Also, I don't know if this picture is clear enough, but if you can make out the little object hanging on the wall above the left window, let me know. That is an interesting story.

We tore the wallpaper down, painted the walls that lavender/silver color, put in new window treatments and new carpet. 

All in all, I think it's a perfect little bedroom.

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