January 19, 2013


Today is one of those days where I'm asking myself, "How did we get here?"

Logan will be 1 year old in two days.
Chloe is 28 months old and acts every bit like a two year old.
We have lived in our home for over 3 years now.
Michael and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in June.
He has been out of college for 5 years; I have been out for 4 years.
We both started high school 12 years ago.
I have known my best friends anywhere from 7 to 25 years.

How does that happen? I don't feel old enough to have lived all of those years in between.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm living someone else's life; like the things that happened to me must have happened to someone else because it just doesn't feel possible to squeeze all of that into my short lifetime. But, there are other times, like today, when I get a reality check. I feel so old and so young at the same time. What am I going to do in another 25 years?

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