January 20, 2013


Almost one year ago, we brought Logan home from the hospital. Chloe has loved every second of being a big sister. (Mostly because up until now, she has been able to boss him around.) But, lately, Logan has figured out that he doesn't have to listen to her.

He screams, and grunts, and growls all the time - he is ALL boy. And, since Chloe believes the rules apply to everyone else but her, loves to tell (okay, yell at) him that "screaming is bad." Logan just keeps on going. The noise level in our home is... extreme sometimes.

It is amazing and exciting to see them playing on the same level, to hear Logan start laughing and giggling when he sees Chloe for the first time in the morning, or after their naps. His entire face just lights up because his playmate has come back.

It's even funnier to see him seeking his revenge.

The other morning, he was running around in his walker when Chloe finally got up (unusually late). She was still very groggy, but Logan saw his window if opportunity and jumped on it. He ran over to her, grabbed her binky out of her mouth and took off running. Chloe was stunned.

I would be too if I was robbed first thing in the morning.

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