July 31, 2012

Growing Up

I love watching Chloe and Logan interact. It is one of the most exciting parts of motherhood so far.

Over the last month, Logan has definitely become much more interested in everything around him, especially his big sister. He splits his time about 60/40 between watching me and watching her (which is pretty good for this Mama's boy).

Chloe is a comedian, and thinks she is hilarious when she is not. Like when I'm trying to change her diaper and she runs away. Or, when we go somewhere and she refuses to get out of her car seat, buckling herself back in. Or, when she paints her arms instead of the paper.

But today, she really was being hilarious.

We were playing dress up on the floor in the nursery and trying to get Logan to crawl. But, he wasn't really interested in that, so Chloe and I started bouncing a soft gel ball back and forth. I would bounce it off the wall and she would chase after it. And, then I accidentally hit her in the face when I tossed it. Both of them started laughing hysterically!

That became the game of the afternoon. Chloe totally hammed it up too, becoming more and more dramatic every time I would toss it at her. When she really got him giggling, she would crawl over to him and hug and kiss him.

I would not trade moments like those for anything. Their laughter together makes the whole day seem brighter.

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