November 1, 2011

Changes, changes.

So, Thrifty Man left on Sunday morning for Oklahoma to go through his first round of training with Halliburton. It was so sad because I knew Chloe could tell something wasn't right. He had been home almost every night for a week. So, she had gotten used to him being around. And then, he was gone again.

Poor girl. I wish there was a way I could explain it to her so she would understand. But, she is pretty smart! When she woke up after a short nap on Sunday night, she was really fussy. So, all three of us got on Skype and talked for about an hour. She was SO excited to see him -- she even started dancing. Thank goodness for Skype! Since then, she's been totally fine, too. Hasn't been extremely fussy, just her usual charming self :)

We went trick-or-treating at Mama's office yesterday and Chloe LOVED it. She would walk right up to people and take the candy they were offering here. Then she'd just toddle off to go get more. It was hysterical.

And, best of all, she FINALLY started really walking on her own last night while we were over at Mama's house. Up until now, she could walk on her own, and she would when she wanted to. But, most of the time she was still furniture hopping and trying to hold on to our fingers. If we tried to encourage her to walk, but she really did not want to, she would lean back up against our hands or legs, trying to get as far away from whatever it was as she possibly could. Little stinker. I can already tell we're going to have a battle of the wills when she gets a little older. She is most definitely her father's daughter -- she's as stubborn as he is!

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with baby #2. It's hard to believe that I'll be in my third trimester in just a few weeks. It's all just happened so fast. So many things have changed in the last few months. Mama got a new job with the AG's office here (yay!!) and I am now staying home full-time with Chloe. Even though I'm sure I'll miss working, it was just too much for me to handle with Michael's schedule being so insane, not having a babysitter anymore, and being pregnant again. Plus, I'm really excited that I am able to spend these last few months with Chloe before baby #2 arrives. I think it will definitely help us in the transition after his arrival.

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