October 11, 2011

My current obsession... Diaper Bags.

So, with another baby on the way, I decided that one of the most important things for me to buy is a new diaper bag. Silly, I know. But, since we're going to have two kiddos under 2 years -- and both still in diapers for a while -- I really wanted to save my sanity. And my back. 

 I began my search looking for the best diaper bag for twins. I did feel just a tad silly... but, I learned a lot. The first bag I absolutely fell in love with was Ju-Ju-Be's "Be Prepared" bag.

It measures 18.5" x 14" x 6.5", weighs 3.15 lbs empty, and costs about $180, minus shipping costs. 

Then, I found Watermelon Wishes on Etsy, and I really, really loved her bags and designs. I also love the fact that you can customize any bag to suit your own needs!

I have decided that I am going to go with one of the XL Ultimate Diaper Bags. The XL Ultimate measures 20" x 10" x 7". So, it's more like a traditional diaper bag than the Ju-Ju-Be option. 

I'm pretty sure I've figured out most of the bells and whistles I want with the bag. But, I'm having some trouble deciding. (All pictures below from Watermelon Wishes' etsy shop or blog. I'm simply using them to help clarify my own thoughts).

1. Closures: 
Button Top Closure
Zippered Top Closure
My current diaper bag has a zipper that I barely use. But, I'm trying to decide if it's because I really won't use a zipper, or if it's because it's kind of awkwardly placed -- there is about a 2 inch drop from the top of the bag to the zipper. So, if the bag is really full -- which it normally is because I'm a chronic over-packer -- I can't zip it. Whereas the zipper is placed at the very top of these bags, so I couldn't over stuff it, unless I want things falling out.

I think the button top is really, really cute. I'm just not sure about how practical it is yet.

2. Interior Pockets: 
4 Wide Elasticized
2 Wide, 1 Shallow and 2 Tall Elasticized 
1 Full length Zippered and 2 Wide Elasticized 
I'm not sure that either the first (4 pockets) or the third (1 full length zippered and 2 wide pockets) options will really be enough storage for two kiddos. Plus, if I want to lighted my load even more and eliminate my purse, then neither of these will really be enough when I add all my stuff in. I think I'm leaning towards option 2. 

I also would like to add that I love the fact that there are sippy cup and bottle elastics in all of these options. This would be super helpful considering how much water Chloe drinks and how often I pull stuff out of her bag and it's damp.

3. Stroller Straps
Side Stroller Straps

Classic Stroller Straps
I really like the side stroller straps because they allow the diaper bag to be tucked neatly inside the handles of the stroller. But, you can use the classic straps with a cart as well as a stroller. Not sure if I'll really utilize this, though. Most of the time, I don't even take the entire diaper bag with me. I just bring what I need into the store.

4. Messenger Strap
Messenger Strap
Although I don't really use my messenger strap right now, I think it's because it's super bulky. Plus, with two kids, I will want a more hands-free option. And, this one is nice and sleek.

5. Chenille Backed Changing Pad

I love that you can make this in a coordinating fabric. And, this changing pad will fit under the outside straps of the diaper bag, as opposed to needing to be stuffed inside the bag or in an outside pocket, which takes up valuable space.

So, after I make all of these decisions... I have to decide on fabrics. This deserves an entirely new post because there are just SO MANY OPTIONS! Haha. I'm not sure I'll be able to figure this out by February. :)

Any input? 

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