November 17, 2010

I lead a life full of...

A calamity of errors. Seriously. God must have a great sense of humor, because He sure likes to test my patience.

So, last Monday, November 8, we called the gas company to check to see if we had a leak. We did. (That's really, REALLY bad). And they shut off our gas and locked our meter. At that moment, we became homeless floating blobs that just drifted from one place to another. I felt like I finally understood nomads.

Wednesday, November 10, Thrifty Man and his trusty plumber came out to fix it. After they thought they'd fixed it, they called the gas company to come check it out. It was a no-go. There was still too much variance in the line. So, basically, that meant that we had to replace all of the gas lines in our house because the leak was too small to smell or find easily.

Friday, November 12, there was a massive, MASSIVE snow/rain storm. (On a side note, has anyone else ever seen lightening, thunder and snow?! Yeah. I hadn't either til last Friday.) It was horrible. So, instead of being able to work on our house all day, Michael was out running service calls.

Tuesday, November 16, all of our gas lines had been replaced and hooked up. It was nice and solid, there wasn't any variation in the line. Too bad the state of Texas didn't have the business insurance registered for the plumbing division. (This is really, really bad). This meant that we couldn't technically get a permit for all the work they'd already done, and we definitely couldn't get the city to come out and inspect the work. Sooo... the state of Texas held our fate in her hands for a night. (This, as it turns out, wasn't the worst thing in the world).

Wednesday, November 17, I am sitting here writing this from my own warm bed. It's a wonderful feeling to have roots, to not be nomadic, and to be a real human being instead of a floating blob.

You want to know what else is beautiful!? My living room!!! The floor will probably be finished by the end of this weekend! Horray!! I can't wait to have everyone over!

This just might be the most memorable Thanksgiving yet. :)

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