June 21, 2010

Progress on the Roof Interruption? Possible.

So, is there an end in sight? No.

Will our attic get wet tonight when these "terrible storms worthy of a severe thunderstorm warning" blow through? Yes.

Is there progress being made? I think so.

Saturday was a fairly successful day. Thrifty Man and Curtis got the neighbor-side of the house torn off, wooded and papered. AND! They even put some of the garbage dump where it belongs! In the 15 ton dumpster!

Sunday, he conned Jared and Mark into coming over to help him unload the trailer. I, of course, assumed that when you unload a trailer, said trailer would vacate the premises soon-after.

Apparently, that isn't the way it works around here though because it's still sitting in the driveway.

And, since they were already here, Thrifty Man kindly asked if they would help him clean up some of the messy things inside our house as well. Thank goodness! I was not aware that our living room would become the storage area for all sorts of roofing gear/materials during this long, drawn-out process.

So, even though the roof project is only about 48% completed, progress has been made!

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