June 14, 2010

New roof!

My loving husband decided a few weeks ago that we needed to put a new roof on our house. This year.

So, he called the insurance company because he was just sure that they would pitch in quite a bit towards having it redone. Buuuuuttttttttt..... they decided they would only pay for the replacement of the garage roof.

Good thing I have a thrifty husband! He figured out a way for us to get all the materials for a little over what the insurance company was willing to pay.

Too bad laborers weren't included in this plan.

Here's the new garage roof. It took a little more than a week for it to get to this point.

The caps still need to be put on and the trash picked up...
I hope he remembered to pick up the neighbor's yard! Yikes!

As much as my husband loves to be a one-man-show, he decided that he might need a little help. So, he conned his dad, brother, brother-in-law and coworker to forgo sleep and come over just after sun up this past Saturday morning. Most of them stayed until 10pm that night.

Here's the front of the house during the tear off. It still looks pretty much like this, except there's no one working on it....

Look at all that tough work! Here's Bradley, Ryan and Curtis on the portion of the roof over the front bedroom.

Oh! Oh! And, here's the MASSIVE TRAILER that has made it's home in my front driveway.

We are not friends.

One thing that was not planned for was the massive amounts of garbage that would accumulate on our property.
Dumpster? What dumpster? That's what a backyard patio and a driveway are for, right?

Fortunately, one of our neighbors took pity on us last night. He runs a dumpster business, and will be bringing over 2 fifteen ton dumpsters sometime this week. Horray!!

Maybe I'll actually be able to park in the driveway? Maybe?

Probably not...

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Dewey Frazier said...

Two heads are better than one. In this case, your husband got four helping hands to make the roofing installation possible and faster. It's never easy to work alone on a roof, especially if you're not a roofer by profession. Anyway, I hope and I expect that your roof was installed properly. :)

-Dewey Frazier @ PrestoRoofs