January 31, 2009

Emergency room visits and senioritis.

So, in the past 36 hours I have spent about 11 in the ER. Maybe that doesn't seem like a whole lot, the percentage is too low for it to have the melodramatic impact that I think it should have. But, it's been a rough couple of days.

My sister ended up getting an infection from the nickel in her lip piercing. (Probably. We're not sure since my family has a... sordid history with any and all doctors, apparently). She's been very ill since Wednesday morning and has been to more doctors this week than she has in probably the last year. 

Hopefully they get it figured out this morning. I don't know that I'm up for spending the next couple nights also in the ER. I really do not appreciate people who refuse to listen to what I, or anyone else I care about, say.  

But, completely unrelated segue. 

So, my last semester is underway. I feel completely unprepared for the following months because my list of things to do just never seems to stop growing. But... I'm just trying to take it one day at a time.

Breathe... just breathe....

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