July 6, 2008

My Song

My song is not made up of verses and choruses. It is a collage, filled with disconnected and disjointed words and phrases which mean nothing together, nothing apart, but everything to me. It is the background to my life, the fairytale that I tell myself daily to remind my heart of the most important things, the beautiful things, and the TRUE things.

But, there are days when I can't remember the tune, or a single note throughout the whole song. And there are days when the words don't come easily to me. It is as though I've lost the secret code that unlocks my heart, my song.

Sometimes, merely a sunset, or a bouquet of flowers, a concerto, or an inspiring book, will unlock it. But, other times -- most times -- it is being in your presence as you sing my song back to me, showing me the way back to my heart.

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