July 16, 2013


Someday I'm sure we will ALL be able to look at this period of our lives with happiness and fond memories. I can hear it now:

"Hey kids! Do you remember when we were homeless for a couple months? When we went to Indiana for a vacation and Mommy lost her mind and decided to stay?" ... Or, something like that. 

It will be great, I'm sure. But, living through it at this moment is...an adventure. The kids and I have spent so much time in the car, it's insane. We have kept a log of how many miles we've driven since leaving Amarillo. Today, it is well over 5000 miles. In two months. 

I'm going to keep it going until we are finally settled in our new home... Which, at the rate we're going means we'll hit around 7000 miles. INSANE. (I need to get my oil changed ASAP.)

But, all of this sounds like complaining. Quite honestly, we have never been happier. The kids and I have had a blast! We've been to the Indiana Dunes and the splash pad quite a few times. Chloe LOVES it, Logan still isn't so sure, but he's getting better. 

We've been to Chicago to see great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. 
The kids and I went out to Lake Baldwin for the fourth of July. Chloe spent her days in the water, and her nights catching fireflies. Logan ran around on land most of the time. But, they both really enjoyed riding on the pontoon. 

Then we went to Hillsdale to see my best friend from college. Made my heart so happy! We painted ceramics, played at parks, and with other friend's kiddos. It was a blast.

We went strawberry and cherry picking! The kids (and I) cannot wait to go back and get apples and pumpkins and stuff. Yummy!

When Daddy came back from work, it was all about the business of finding a home for us. We looked at about 12 different houses (I think...don't quote me...) and thought we found our dream home. Then... that fell apart after the inspection. So, we started the process over again. And, PRAISE GOD, we found a home that was even better. We've made it through the inspection and appraisal. So, now we are just waiting on paperwork and underwriters. Please pray that nothing goes awry! 

In the midst of all of this, all of these really great things, we have also faced quite a few trials. Some have been small. Some have been huge. 

Our home in Amarillo was burglarized and vandalized three times in a week and a half. They broke a window in the kitchen and stole tools, stereo equipment, and lawn care items. (Thank God Michael had already moved most of our possessions to Indiana!) The final incident (last week) was a result of negligence on the part of our realtor. So, we fired her. We have pretty much settled on a new realtor. But, we're going to wait until all of the exterior work to be completed before we relist it. 

Which, brings me to the next frustrating thing: managing contractors from 1000 miles away. Just don't do it. It doesn't work. We signed a contract in the beginning of July. And they didnt show up until Labor Day weekend. 

(Really, none of this would really bother me EXCEPT...we're trying to sell that house. And this was a BIG hang up. Frustrating.)

The other big trial has been finding a new OB. I started seeing one doctor shortly after I decided to stay. I quickly realized I really didn't communicate well with him. But, I thought it would be okay. Well... That didn't work out. My 30 week appointment was a disaster that ended with me crying and him walking out in a huff. (Side note: I did see a different OB last Friday and loved him. So, that issue has been resolved. Thank God!)

But, despite those things, it really has been an amazing, memorable summer. It still seems surreal to me... After living in Texas for almost exactly four years, we are finally coming home. Baby E. will be our first child born here. (In like, SIX WEEKS, mind you.) Chloe and Logan will actually get to experience a true winter (snow storms and all!) We have so many firsts to experience here. It's exciting. And it makes my heart feel so full. 

(P.s. If this post is confusing at times, my apologies. I've been "working on it" since mid-July... There was just always something that happened that I wanted to add. And, pregnancy-brain only allows for so much writing per week, haha.) 

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aGalNamedSue said...

Yay! So excited for you and the family!