May 11, 2013

Moments from Motherhood: Bath Time

Run the water from the spout,
Tiny, clear bubbles erupt and pop.
Two squealing babies into the tub,
Splashing, playing, washing and rinsing.
I scrub the paint off their hands and knees,
And the peanut butter and jelly out of their hair.
I clean the sand off their little white bottoms,
And the dirt out from under their fingernails.
We rinse all of the soap away, and say "bye-bye"
As the dirty water flows down the drain.
Wrap them tightly in a fluffy towel,
Hear their giggles as they try to escape.
I help them brush their teeth and hair,
And dress them in their soft pajamas.
We settle down to read some baby animal books,
My little man is hanging on me, rubbing his hair,
Fighting sleep with everything he has.
In his crib, he flips, and tosses, and turns,
Sometimes peeking out, saying "hi."
Until he finally floats off into a peaceful sleep.
My baby girl snuggles up next to me,
She asks me to tell her stories about
Princesses and Princes, Queens and Kings,
Scooby Door and snapping crabs.
I wipe the sleep from my eyes, and I tell her
As many silly stories as I can think of
About royalty, cartoons, and where I grew up.
I tell her about how Daddy and I met,
And how much I want for all of us to go home.
She giggles, and falls asleep with a smile on her face.
I drift off to sleep, saying a silent prayer
That we really will be back there soon,
But, for now, I will just dream with my babies near.

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