February 7, 2013

The Play Room

Lesson learned this week:
Play rooms belong in a basement, or the back of the house; and, windows are optional.

Earlier this week, I bought a gate for the play room. I thought this was a great idea! Genius, even. My thought was, "I can put the kids in there and know that they are safe if, let's say, I decide to take a quick shower, or if I really need to fold some laundry, or whatever." Not kidding.

You see, Logan has recently become quite enamored with the stairs, and the kitchen cabinets, and the toilet, and the garbage. And, Chloe is just... Chloe. They are both into anything and everything all the time. So, it is vital to my sanity that I can keep them occupied without chasing after them all the time.

On Tuesday, that's just what I did. I put them in their room and took a shower. When I was ready for the day (at 3:30p.m., mind you), they were still playing so I decided to get some laundry folded and my dishes done while they were still happy. Because Logan was getting tired, I didn't really want to be seen because I knew he'd lose it. I peeked in a few times, but I mostly just listened for any blood-curdling screams, or total silence.

About 30 minutes later, I went out to our car and I see Chloe standing in the window. (Side note: the play room has a BIG window that almost touches the floor. It is also in the very front of the house...quite visible from our street, or the main road just steps away). I decided to jump in front of the window to try to scare her. Except, to my utter dismay, she is standing there STARK NAKED!!

I have NO idea how long she had been free-flying. I couldn't even bring myself to check the whole room for wet spots. I'm surprised CPS hasn't shown up at my door.

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