October 9, 2012

The Anatomy of a Wasted Day

At least once a week, I have a day that is a complete waste. I don't get anything on my To-Do List done. I wear pajamas/sweats the entire day. I don't shower or brush my teeth until after 4pm (which just seems useless at that point). I don't get out of the house. I don't do anything fun with the kids. I don't get caught up on laundry or dishes (or any other chore that never seems to end).

I merely get by... And, I barely even do that.

I never mean to have a wasted day. I always start the day off with high hopes of accomplishing something on my To-Do List.

But, somewhere between waking up in the morning and going to bed that night, something - okay, so a lot of somethings - go a little (or a lot) wonky.

Yesterday was one of those days.

At the very least, I wanted to go to the bank to drop off some paperwork. But, Chloe didn't sleep well the night before so she went down early for what turned out to be a four and half hour long nap. Logan didn't nap for more than an hour (forty minutes of which I was holding him so it hardly counts). And, he screamed at me on and off for almost 2 hours while I was trying to do some other things, like, you know, shower.

Days like this are so hard to appreciate. It's hard for me to take a step back to see the forest. I feel like a failure.

But, I have to. I don't have a fall back option. I can't just pass the kids off and take a break.

I am a mom. I am a super hero. Every day. Even if all I can do for that day is merely get through it.


Cailin Valente said...

I really admire how honest you are.

JessamynGrace said...

Thank you. Like you talked about in your post on image, I really want to be authentic, the good, the bad and the in-between.