September 13, 2012


My dearest Chloe Bear,

Today, you turn two! (Did I really just say that? When did that happen?) How did we go from this precious newborn

To this little girl?

I feel like somewhere along the way, I must have stopped counting the days, or taking the time to really savor all of those precious little moments, because there is NO WAY you could be two years old already.

And yet, here we are baby girl.

In the last two years, you have rolled over, crawled and walked (finally!).
You have gotten twenty teeth and grown the most beautiful head of curly red hair.
You have started talking (nonstop).
You run, skip and jump (more like a one-footed hop).
You sing along to your favorite songs from Raffi, The Wonder Pets, Strawberry Shortcake and Dora.
You make friends everywhere you go and love playing with your cousins, aunts and uncles.
You are the sweetest big sister to Logan.
You adore your Daddy and think he is your personal jungle-gym.
You love taking walks to the snow cone stand, playing at the park, coloring, painting, dressing-up and reading books together.

You are loving.
You are creative.
You are strong.
You are adventurous.
You are spirited.

My dear, you made me a mother. You have taught me more about the meaning of life than I ever could have learned on my own. Your joyfulness and enthusiasm for life rubs off on everyone you meet and you keep these otherwise mundane days interesting with all of your antics and ideas. I feel incredibly blessed to be your mother.

I love you with all my heart,

Mama Bear

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