June 26, 2010

Roof Update and a Question

So, the entire second floor roof is shingled! Now, it just needs to be capped.

Oh, and the skylight needs to be sealed -- preferably before it rains again, because I'm really not excited about the puddles that accumulated on the floor a couple of nights ago when it stormed. I'm just saying...

I guess that's really all the progress that I have to report. It always sounds so much more monumental in my head than it seems to me on here. Maybe I'm just being to analytical. Who knows.

Now, for my question:

Does anyone know anything about couch and love seat slipcovers? See, my sister-in-law and I went garage sale shopping last weekend, and I bought a couch and a love seat. They came with these two slipcovers which I thought was really great... at the time.

Buuuutttttt.... they are a pain in the behind to keep in place. As soon as someone sits down on them, the elastic around the seat cushions comes off. It doesn't matter how I try to put it around the seat cushion, or how far I stuff it down in the cracks, it will come off.

Now, what I need to know is if this is just a problem with all slip covers? Or, particularly with the elastic one-piece slip covers? Would I have this problem with elastic two-piece covers?

Or is it just me? Am I the problem? Do I need to be less anal/perfectionistic? Or, do I need to just suck it up and realize that part of my time every day will now be consumed with making the slip covers right? since Lord knows, I won't be able to live with them all funky for any significant length of time.

My father-in-law just told me that they look like old people's skin. I definitely need to replace them now.


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