April 27, 2010

Half Way There!

Today marks my twentieth week of pregnancy... and I'm beginning to realize that the struggle has only begun...

Over the course of the next few weeks:
I will (attempt) to gain 15-20 more pounds
Experience the joy and pain of carrying around an ever growing organism in my belly (and pray that we avoid those bladder kicks as much as possible!)
Continue to run until it becomes total futile
Lose my ability to breath as our little peanut takes up more and more room
And, eventually give birth to a baby much larger than I feel is physically possible

To top that all off, we still have a good chunk of our list of to-do's on the house left:

Dining Room:
Tile the floor

Texture the walls
Paint the walls and cabinets and doors and drawers
Install the dishwasher

Living Room:
Level the floor
Install new wood floor
Finish painting/edging

Clean up and organize
Decide on color scheme and paint
Possibly re-carpet...
Purchase some furniture -- i.e. crib, changing table, shelves, dresser, rocker...

In exactly two weeks, the hubby and I will know whether our little cantaloupe -- yes, already that big -- is a little girl or a little boy!

Edit: I've updated what's left of this list! Horray for accomplishing some things!

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