March 18, 2010

Home Decor Photos from The Nest

See, this would be a fantastic idea for the little home office we'll be working on someday in the future.

It could be done either upstairs, off of our master bedroom -- we'll be putting an office up there eventually -- or we could do it downstairs.

But, if we do it downstairs, we'd really have to wait until all the kiddos are grown up. More than likely, we'll be needing both bedrooms down there for bedrooms.... if I'm lucky :)

SO... I'm thinking that this would work much better in our upstairs office.

I really like the shelving units, and the curtains.

I'm not so crazy about the desk, or the funky bench in front of the desk. But, I really like the idea of this space. And, I think it would definitely be doable in our little tiny office space. Especially with our skylight.

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