March 18, 2010

Home Decor Photos from The Nest

An idea for our laundry room entry area. Eventually, this will probably become the main point of entry for us into the house. So, this would be a great idea for how to spruce this area up, and make it extremely functional.

I really like the bench with the wicker baskets inside.

And, the coat rack/purse hanger/extra storage unit is a really cool idea as well. I think especially in the laundry room (which is really long, and kind of oddly shaped, I could easily pull something like this off.

We'll probably also eventually replace the cabinets that we have in there with just open shelves above the washer and dryer.

The current cabinets are much larger than is actually useful, and they're kind of falling apart. I know it probably wouldn't take much to fix them up. But, I just really don't think we'll ever need all that storage space.

And, really... if we did, I would begin to question my own personal values! Honestly! I have never, EVER been a pack rat, and I'm not about to start now!

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