February 19, 2009

It's Gravity, Baby

Tonight is the first night in an eternity
That I have spent without you.
With over a thousand miles between us,
I can still feel your breath as it 
Leaves your peaceful chest, heavily,
As you fall into the down-filled cloud,
Your body pulsating to keep you alive.

I await the sight of your face, your touch,
Like water looks for a path, and
Ripe apples search for the ground, and
Daffodils spread petals and leaves for sun.
I can still feel your warmth as it
Rushes through the monitor
Infiltrating my body like bacteria (the good kind).

Memories of us resurface like blue-rayed visions
Whispering to me, consoling me,
For stern as death is love, relentless as the nether world is devotion.
I hear your deep laughter,
As you sing my Song, infusing your selfless Eros into my heart,
Reassuring me that This too shall pass,
And I await the day that it shall.

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