January 18, 2009

Curse, Cure, Care

To you, insidious syndrome, silent killer;
Ultimate liar, portrayed as colleague,
Spreader of toxins, illegitimate hybrid;
Bringer of unspeakable pain;
To you, who attacks weakness,
Breaks down pathways of defense,
Shatters cells and carcasses from the inside out;
Burn and scar life-giving tissue;
To you, father of all poisons, cancers,
Marrow-robbers, brain-fuddlers;
To you, mother of all apathy, anxiety,
Collapse, despair;
To you, my silent curse; my body,
I pledge my disobedience.


Hero said...

an anthem to those that understand what pain is when it's part of you.

JessamynGrace said...

Yeah... the last few weeks have been rough concerning health here. And... it's all related to having celiac disease. It's pretty ridiculous how well-crafted our bodies truly are, how miraculous they are. And how fragile. It's so easy for something to disrupt the entire system. But, seeing the long-term effects... is just... astounding.