December 7, 2008

Te Amo Mucho, Mi Amor

In the palm of your hand,
Amidst the deepening vee -- 
Te amo mucho, mi amor,
Spawning rivers, ever-extending
Cavernous pathways -- and the indigo
Microscopic vessels bringing life-blood
To the tips of your fingers, and me.
Te amo infinitamente.
I fit there, between the weather-beaten knobs,
And that scar just below your left ring finger's knuckle.
You hold me firmly there in your palm, 
As you peel the sheets from around my shell
Laying me bare, exposed, before your eyes
Whole and beautiful; broken and flawed.
Te amo mucho, mi amor, 
Te amo infinitamente.

1 comment:

David said...

Now could you soften your words abit?
Some would like to crack the shell
Sorrounding you.
And unlock the mystery of your name,age,occupation or profession.
Anyway God knows you and that is all that matters.
But many others love you too!