October 1, 2008


We are idiots.

"'Painful and lasting' economic downturn," Mr President? In case anyone has not informed you yet, capitalism leads to ups and downs in the economy. And, no matter how are you try, you will never be able to give absolute power to the Secretary of Treasury, thereby turning our entire financial system to a socialist one. We may be puppets in your play... but I do not think that the American people will let you take that very fundamental right away from them.

As far as their angry constituents goes, you all are idiots, also. It has been your poor financial decisions that has led to this in the first place. The economy needs to correct itself. We do not need to be adding anymore fake credit into the market place by continuing this bullshit. So, do us all a favor and forget your "golden parachutes" and any pretty bonus packages that you may or may not have set up. You don't deserve them, and we need them to help the economy anyway we can.


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